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Get Fit with Barre Body in Melbourne

The latest fitness trend in Melbourne, a city with an emphasis on healthy eating and well-being, is the Barre Body workout, and it is becoming more popular by the day. Oh My Goodness, the popular Melbourne guide to where to go to keep fit and eat well on the city, …

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Experience the Real Africa at KwaMbili Game Lodge

Are you convinced that a bush holiday in Africa remains out of reach of your budget? If so you might want to check out the excellent rates on offer at KwaMbili Game Lodge, a place where you can experience something wonderful, exclusive and exciting. The Lodge is located in the

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Affordable Tree Care Services – Bring in the Professionals While Traveling

If you have trees on your property you will be aware that they require maintenance from time to time, but how do you fit them into your schedule? It’s a problem that anyone with a garden faces – finding the time to give plants, trees and shrubs the attention they

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Machangulo Beach Lodge

African tours are some of the most loved holiday and vacation plans among most tourists. There are plenty of sites and wildlife to view, cultures to immerse in and five-star accommodation suites that include first-class treatments. Mozambique is a renowned tourist destination. Machangulo beach lodge accommodation is a common name …

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Mozambique: A Gem on the Southeast African Coast

Mozambique’s stunning coastline complete with swaying palms and a vibrant coastal culture is everyone’s party. Situated on the Southeast African Coast and brags of more than 1000 kilometres of coastline and a land size almost twice the area of California. It offers various Mozambique travel packages.
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