Machangulo Beach Lodge

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Machangulo Beach Lodge

African tours are some of the most loved holiday and vacation plans among most tourists. There are plenty of sites and wildlife to view, cultures to immerse in and five-star accommodation suites that include first-class treatments. Mozambique is a renowned tourist destination. Machangulo beach lodge accommodation is a common name among many travellers. There are various reasons why this lodge has a good reputation. From its strategic location in a scenic rich landscape to friendly and vigilant hospitality personnel and proximity to enthusiast activity venues, Machangulo is simply the place to be. A visit to this lodge will expose you to memorable experiences that can never be forgotten or matched by any other lodge in the area.





• Attraction – In terms of attraction, Machangulo beach lodge is positioned in a location overlooking serene environments of the Indian Ocean and a dynamic landscape. The untouched dunes, surrounding estuaries, endless white beaches and clear waters of the Indian Ocean are all at your exposed. Sunset views of the landscape surrounding Machangulo beach lodge are picturesque, and the overall atmosphere is calm, filled with natural sounds of birds and ocean currents.

• Activities – When it comes to activities and enthusiast adventures, Machangulo does not come up short in any way. The vast beaches and ocean provides opportunities for various activities including swimming, surfing and fishing among other water-based engagements. You can wait to catch a glimpse of the beautiful evening sunlight or swim and bask in broad daylight as desired. The lodge also has ample space for family activities and other games or involvements. Most tourists visiting Maputo often end up spending their time in Machangulo beach lodge, especially because there is no swimming pool or area that can match theirs.

• Accommodation and food – One of the main reasons why most visitors to Mozambique choose Machangulo is the elegant accommodation suites. There are singles, doubles, large luxury suites and beach villas that can accommodate up to eight adults and six minors. You will find 14 private chalets for luxury suites fully installed with en suite features, utility and conveniences. The chalets have incredible views of the estuaries, ocean and landscape. All suites have wide decks for catching a breeze or just relaxing after a day’s activities. The entertainment and food are also unparalleled. In this lodge, the menu comprises traditional Mozambique cuisines, international recipes from European and Asian cultures as well as hybrid blends.

Machangulo beach lodge is famously known for its beautiful beaches, elegant and spacious accommodation suites, friendly personnel and a calm atmosphere. It is one of the best places to stay in, whether you are on retreat or just looking to enjoy the beaches.

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